Received from nature. Selected by farmers. Frozen by us.  

About Us

About onion…


The company is engaged in manufacturing and trading of iqf onions for the industry and HoReCa. Production takes place in certified factories in northern and central Poland. The flexibility of production and high quality of the product are a result of the commitment and cooperation of trading, production and quality control teams. Onion represents 90% of the company turnover. In addition to the key assortment the company’s offer also includes other frozen vegetables and fruits. The main directions of deliveries are domestic market and the EU countries. It is the clients who are the greatest inspirations for our activities and where the knowledge is drawn from: passion for the nature of the Swedes, the reliability of the Germans, knack for business from the Dutch and the power to operate and optimism from the Italians.


A bit of history…


The interest in onion has been passed by the Senior Mr Broda who started his adventure with frozen food in the 90s. The name BRODA is still recognized and highly respected brand among suppliers of raw materials and domestic and foreign customers. The ABRODA company’s goal is to continue the family tradition of trading on the basis of trust in the new changing market conditions.


Further than onion…


The company is constantly developing and expanding its product portfolio. Cooperation and long-term relationships with suppliers of raw material and processing plants in Poland give the possibility to offer, except onion, a wide range of frozen vegetables and fruits. We are introducing to the offer also frozen mushrooms and herbs.


We invite you to cooperation.